The value of companies, and people, goes through constant updating, constant curiosity. We build training projects starting from this assumption and always working with a view to analysis. When we talk about training for teams and within companies, we start understanding their work and, therefore, with a detailed analysis of what they develop in terms of marketing/communication/social media outputs to verify the effectiveness, performances and to identify how training can contribute in the short and long term period of time to further improve what’s already in place.


Stimuli, ideas, updates, news and trends are essential, together with the construction / learning of useful tools in everyday life, addressed both in theoretical and obviously practical form.
The training goes, according to our model, through the possibility of interacting and touching the tools first hand, to fully understand their potentials, after having first examined them in theoretical form.

The classrooms, both virtual and physical, must be a constant stimulus and a new lifeblood that must bring innovation, thought and evolution.


Professional training projects are defined on specific needs and cover the following thematic areas:


– Digital Media Strategy

– Social Media Strategy

– Social Media Storytelling

– Digital Media Planning


– Analytics

– Data Visualization

– Ecommerce

-Sales Techniques


The ability to learn faster than your competitors may be the only sustainable competitive advantage.” – Arie De Geus


Organizations today are in constant flux. Industries are consolidating, new business models are emerging, new technologies are being developed, and consumer behaviors are evolving. For executives, the ever-increasing pace of change can be especially demanding. It forces them to understand and quickly respond to big shifts in the way companies operate and how work must get done. In the words of Arie de Geus, a business theorist, “The ability to learn faster than your competitors may be the only sustainable competitive advantage.”